Bushi-Tei Restaurant: French-California fusion fine dining

A photo story by: Tearsa Joy Hammock

Bushi-Tei Restaurant offers a French-California fusion fine dining experience in Japantown.

A new menu and cocktail list are in the works at Bushi-Tei.

Owner, Tak Matsuba, works hands-on alongside bussers and servers to prepare for the dinner rush.



A server confirms a reservation.
Bushi-Tei is a small (seating capacity 40) restaurant. Attention to detail and design is the key here.

The wine list at Bushi-Tei is Mr. Matsuba’s own picks from his personal favorites. Each one’s taste is committed to memory.
He is the go-to guy for pairing wines with your Omakase (the 5 course tasting menu.)

Staff finishes up the preparation in the back of house at Bushi-Tei.

Paul, a busser peeks down from the attic storage.

Jose, a dishwasher, mops while Jonathan, another busser, supervises.

Jonathan waits for more supplies from storage.

New Top Chef Michael Hung assists another cook, Juan, how to make one of Bushi-Tei’s delicious signature sauces.

A busser fills the oil lamps before opening for dinner.

Paul filling the oil lamps.

The first table of the dinner reservations has arrived. Let the service begin.

The owner shares a laugh with Chef. Order is in. Order fire!

Chef Michael assists new sous chef Nicole with draining the pork “torchon” for the Tsunami and Earthquake Relief Fundraiser dinner.



Sous chef, Nicole’s own signature cocktail recipes are posted in back of house to be made and served. The new drinks are Shochu, sake based blends with different ingredients such as Yuzu, sanshito mint, Umeboshi (Japanese plum), bitters, and even egg!

Mixing cocktails at Bushi-Tei.


Marinated Ocean Trout. Line cook, Lisa.

Massachusetts Crudo of Halibut and marinated cucumber. Roba-similar to Moscow Mule.

Not a fingerprint was showing all through the house.

Berkshire/Kurobuta Pork Loin and broccolini




Chef Michael Hung leads his kitchen to smooth service.



Making the flan for the foie gras dish.

Puttting out the candles at the end of a busy night at Bushi-Tei.

Hardworking owner of Bushi-Tei, Tak Matsuba, fixing a sign.

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