Come to join in the conversational news world

The first thing I learnt from this class is treating news as a conversation in today’s world. In traditional journalism, news are regards as a lecture, as readers can’t add comments and express their opinions as soon as the news stories are published. This is more like a one-way communication as journalists can’t interact with readers that much.  The concept of “news as a conversation” change my mind as a journalism student. We’d better make more interaction with readers in the future.

The second thing I learnt is taking advantage of social media to gather news. In the past, I used Facebook to contact with my friends. I used Twitter to follow entertainers and pop stars. I used Flickr to share photos with my friends. However, I never thought these social media can be used to collect ideas for your news stories and to interact with readers of your news stories.

The third thing I learnt is Storify. This application is an awesome invention. You can simply drag related things published on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. Then you can well organize these things to make a unique multi-source news story. On this story made by Storify, you can find tweets, online news from other websites, videos, photos and comments on Facebook. The story won’t be boring as those traditional news stories.

As I’m currently a huge fan of Storify, the best work I did this semester is a news story I made via Storify, though it’s an extra credit assignments.

Here is the wonderful story created via Storify: Prelude of 2012? The butterfly effects of Japan earthquakes


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