Digital News Gathering : A recipe to success for a journalist in the Web 2.0 World

I took the Digital news gathering class in 2011 spring at SF State. It is an interesting and helpful course. And through the lectures from the teacher and a lot of assignments, I acquired three important skills.

Firstly, this class makes me know how to effectively use social media as a journalist. I may know how to use Facebook to contact with my friends. But it is a brand new experience for me to use Facebook and Twitter to promote the news and maintain the San Francisco beat. Through the practice, I know the whole process to use the social media to disseminate information as a journalist.

Secondly, this class taught me how to use audio and video to present stories. I am familiar with writing as a way to presenting stories. However, in this class, I learned how effective an audio and a video could be to tell news. My work of the man-on-the -street interview on students opinions on the food on campus shows my ability to use audio as an effective way to tell a story, which I considered as my best work. It is considered to be my best work in two respects. On one hand, I conducted a variety of interviews that leads to the different perspectives presented in my work. On the other hand, I did a good job on editing it with effective cutting and intriguing sound effects.

Last but not the least, I know how to generate interesting and SEO-friendly headlines to draw audience attention. Nowadays, it is important to know how to work well online as a journalist. Writing a good headline, which is SEO-friendly, is one of the important skills that can be required by your employers. Thanks to this class, I know how to use the Google tools to find the best key words in my headlines.

In sum, Digital News Gathering is a great class, which will help student who want to be journalist to succeed in their future jobs. And in this class I learned three important things. I am adept at using social media, making audio and video; and generating SEO-friendly headlines.

Self Portrait for Digital News Gathering

Ziyi (suzy )Su is an exchange student in the class of digital news gathering. She enjoyed the class a lot.

Credit: Ziyi Su


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