So Many Weeds, So Little Time

Laura Nicoletti grew up in Italy and learned the craft of gardening at an early age from her mother and grandmother. The growing seasons are different in the two countries, but Nicoletti, a mother of two children who attend Park Elementary in Mill Valley, has been able to make fruits and vegetables flourish at the school as garden coordinator. In early May, the problem was the same as it has been every year: Too many weeds. The recent rains had created havoc, and unwanted vines and other weeds covered the fence and ground. Nicoletti, a great organizer, called dozens of volunteers into action, including myself, and the weeds were soon gone. “I try to organize cleanups,” she said. Now everything is growing, including chard and apples. Nicoletti was assistant garden coordinator for several years before stepping into the main job.


One thought on “So Many Weeds, So Little Time

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