Stephanie Plays the Accordion

I had a hard time with project in particular. I honestly do not know anyone with an interesting hobby. And what is classified as interesting? I was told to just walk around and observe everyone and hopefully something will fall in my lap. Unsure about what I would do this project on, luck stepped in.

I met a really interesting student named Stephanie Shin on a sunny day at San Francisco State University.

Shin was playing a big red accordion, that was missing a few keys, outside my apartment building. I asked her if I could record her playing for my Digital News Gathering project. Shin did tell me she just picked up the accordion not even a week ago so she would be at the beginners stage of her playing. I then told her that that did not matter and from what I heard, she sounded pretty talented. She then agreed.

We met on a Tuesday near the Creative Arts building where she normally practiced at school. Various people walked around complimenting her and commenting on the accordion, it was actually hard to shoot her because everyone was so intrigued. We managed to get a few sequences of shots and we were done. I left Shin playing in the shade while more compliments came her way.


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