Steven Weiler’s love affair with Video Games

The following video is about Diablo Valley College student Steven Weiler and his love for video games. Steven Weiler is currently employed at Best Buy, while working on completing his general education classes. During his spare time he enjoys playing video games with a couple friends and listening to music. I decided to film Steven playing Guitar Hero because the game was comprised of his favorite hobbies, game playing and music.

The video clips were all shot at Weiler’s house in Hercules because I thought it would make the video appear more intimate, as opposed to filming it at an arcade. I shot more then a dozen clips, half of them were shot in the afternoon, while others were shot at night. The challenge I faced with the evening shots was the fact there wasn’t enough lighting in his living room. In an effort to adjust the lighting I moved some of the lamps around until the setting didn’t appear completely dark, but in the end I choose not to use the evening shots because the lighting just didn’t work with the tone of the video.

I used several different angles for the video such as over-the-shoulder, mouse-view, high-view, and side view. Another challenge I faced shooting the video was the fact that there wasn’t enough room in my subject’s living room to shoot wide angles, which is why most of my sequences consists of normal and close-up views.

With the help of my journalism professor I was able to edit my video down to 52 seconds without ending it too abruptly.


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