Treasure hunting in J226

J226 Learning Reflection

The digital news gathering class is more like a treasure hunting for me. I easily got lost in the jungle of Internet and its practice in journalism. However, the tools introduced are beneficial and with immediate application in my news writing class. Here are some treasures I’d introduce coming after mud and trickers.

  • Twitter
    I’m surprised by the openness of the twitter. When digging deep enough, the most niche groups are within reach. If check the previous tweets of the people there, you can paint a picture of their lives. In case, you wanna a further interview, talking about the things they’ve mentioned in the tweets for warm-ups. They’d be glad or flattered for that much you know.
  • Creative Comments
    People are reluctant to pay online.  That’s a big problem for marketing people. But it is a such good environment for people eager to find cool stuff implanting into personal pieces. The music and the pictures under the creative comments are so fascinated that I wonder why they give away for free. DO make use of them, of course, give the credits properly at t he same time.
  • The format of the news
    Fewer people red through the whole news these days. And even less they’d spend to digest. The format of the news becomes so vital that it may decides the value of the news. The multimedia elements of the news and online promotion are helpful in getting rushing crowds to pause for a while or even help to spread out the message. The people reading news on twitter, facebook on their computers or mobile devices are more generous than I’ve expected to retweet, share or comment.

Here sit my best piece of the class: Seriousness in WonderCon I chose this piece I really enjoyed working on this projects. The seriousness is a unique topic in a comic venture. And I am glad to cover people of different roles in the venture with visual variety.

J226 Photo: See through lens with Golden Gate Warriors cap

Profile Photo

Shoot during the final exam of Jour 226, SFSU, Apr.13, 2011.

Photo by Fei YE

J226 Chart:Online Health Information Consuming Comparison

59 percent of the adults look for health related information online, however, only 25 percent of them would look for others’ health experience or comments, according to The Social Life of Health Information, 2011. It seems more than half of people rely on the information they jump into when clicking without further investigation into the context.
Comparison Bar Chart
If the editor assign the story, it should be the credibility of online health related information and the possibility of netizens to cross-checking the correctness.

I’d interview, the doctors(expertise), people who search health information online, runner of major online health consultant sites and scholars who may study online activities.

Audio of interview with netizens would be interesting to include. We may expect high personalized comments to add color to the story. Data and charts can help to explain the complicated concepts from the scholars or the traffic of the online health consultant service. Video can be used to show the interviews with the doctors with surrounding in the hospital to add credits.

MOS: Advice For Future J226 Students

When asking about what advice would they give to the student who’d enrolled into J226, digital news gathering, in the future, the present students’ opinions vary.

We have Jerilyn Smith, Caitlin Olson, Elissa Torres, Jerilyn Smith,Spencer Devine and Juan Deandan share their advice with us on learning habits, equipments, technical problems and the creative thinking.


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