Voces Latinas: Zumba with Yennary Montilla-Peaches

Yennary Montilla-Peaches is a woman that loves to dance but couldn’t find ways to get exercise. That is when she discovered Zumba a few years ago, which in her native Venezuela is known as dance therapy, as a way to add fitness into her daily regimen.

 Now, Montilla-Peaches is a certified Zumba instructor who directs large groups of approximately 50 people in Sacramento and guides through an hour long workout that combines dances from styles as diverse as salsa to disco. Zumba is a dance fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez in Colombia during the 1990s. Zumba combines Latin and international rhythms in order to create workouts that target the entire body but feel more like fun dancing rather than tedious exercise.

For Montilla-Peaches, Zumba is an important aspect of her life that has so far helped her lose 40 pounds. She loves teaching this innovative form of dance exercise because she wants others to reap the benefits. According to her, participating in Zumba is a great deal because as she says, “you get to party, exercise and becoming a better dancer is included with this package!”


2 thoughts on “Voces Latinas: Zumba with Yennary Montilla-Peaches

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  2. Hooooooola amiga te felicito te ves espectacular; que bueno lo ue haces .sigua Dios y la virgen te de Mucha vida y salud un abrazo se te quiere

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