Barbara’s final

Fun finals time!
This is me, Barbara Szabo, flashing a smile in the middle of the J226 final exam.

I have without a doubt learned more in this class than in any other this semester.

In the first week of class, Twitter was literally like a foreign language to me. I would look at other users’ posts with utter confusion. This is thankfully no longer the case. Not only did I learned how to use Twitter (posts, hash tags, @ mentions, Co-Tweet) but I have also come to understand its role in the field of journalism. Twitter is a great way for a journalist to share his or her work and to gather information and sources as well.

Another tool that is really useful in journalism is iMovie. I became obsessed with making videos and editing. This is especially exciting because before taking this class, I never thought of iMovie as a journalistic tool. I am definitely most proud of the video I made about Jeramie Tolentino, an urban artist from San Francisco. As a result of my “hobby video,” I was asked to make more short films and do interviews with artists at Space Gallery. The power of social media played out full throttle when I posted the video on Jeramie’s Facebook and within two hours it had 50 views and I had received an e-mail from the owner of Space Gallery.

The third skill I am proud to have mastered this semester is making maps on Google. It is an awesome tool to use to depict crimes in a specific neighborhood or city, coffee shops or concert venues, or even the path of a tsunami. I have been able to use GoogleMaps in every single class this semester in one way or another. During NoisePop festival, I made a map of all the venues where each event was scheduled to take place.

Seeking health information online

It seems interesting that people will resort to online sources to find out about health matters rather than consult with a doctor. An overwhelming majority of people have looked online for health information according to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. Here is a chart that shows just how many internet users have placed the faith of his or her health in the hands of the internet. If my editor assigned this story, I would do a Man on the Street and ask people whether they use the internet to gather information about a medical condition, and if so under what circumstances have they done that in the past. I would also do a video interview with several doctors and nurses, getting their opinion on the importance of consulting with a doctor in case a medical issue should occur.

Was coverage of the Royal Wedding blown out of proportion?

Pintando a la Monarquía

A painting of Kate and William Middleton around the time of the royal wedding that took place at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011. Photo by: americanistadechiapas

San Francisco State University students share their views on what they thought of the media coverage of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton? Was it over the top or not enough? Let’s hear what Kelly Goff, Thomas Garcia, Eric Green, Kelsey Avers and Ryan Smith had to say…


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