A journalism student’s journey in J226

My life the past 4 months

The Spring 2011 semester at SF State has been a tough one. These past few months have been filled with a lot of hard work learning how to be a better journalist. I’ve never been too internet savvy, so being in the J226 course (Digital News Gathering) has taught me A LOT of things I would’ve never learned on my own.

I had no idea what CMS, RSS, and SRO meant. Tweeting and blogging were things I never imagined myself doing. Sure, I could use Facebook (I check it religiously), but tweeting and blogging were not something I felt I needed to do.

As an aspiring journalist, I learned that using social media (Twitter and Facebook) is important for getting more readers and a bigger audience. I learned that it is important to have a conversation with readers by having readers post comments on my work. The times of “news as a lecture” are soon fading. The internet and social media is the future.

I learned how to do audio interviews like my Man On the Street piece. I learned how to edit video (which is a lot easier than I imagined) from just simple sequence shots like My long commute to SF State video to more complex editing like the RC Cars: a hobby story video. I doubt I would’ve learned how to do any of that on my own.

I learned about WordPress and how to keep a blog. Posting my stories like Top 10 northern California beaches to our San Fran Beat site made me want to start my own blog, which will give me more practice (practice makes perfect) and more experience with writing.

It’s been a long semester but I’ve learned so much. I now go out into the journalism world with a new set of skills and a better understanding of the importance of social media and the internet.

Ana and Mia
Journalist Ana Preza with her dog Mia. Photo credit: Ana Preza

Just Google it

The internet has become a fast and easy source to get information. We can now “Google” everything. In a survey taken by the Pew Research Center, shows that many internet users have turned to the internet to find out information about health related issues or concerns. The chart below shows what people are looking at online and the percent of the people who have turned to the internet to get their information.

I know I have used the internet to find out questions about illnesses relatives or friends may have. If this were a story I was writing about, I could ask students or people in hospitals if they have ever turned to the internet for health related issues or concerns.

MOS: What did you think of the media coverage of the royal wedding?

Students at SF State share their thoughts of the media coverage of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Kelly Goff, senior
Chris Haire, graduating senior
Caitlin Olson, senior
Thomas Garcia, non-graduating senior
Kelsey Avers, graduating senior
Royal Wedding balconyPrince William and Kate Middleton waving to the crowd at the palace after their wedding. Photo Credit: John Pannell

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