Digital News Gathering: Teaching Social Media Skills to Modern Journalists

In the modern world of news and journalism, things aren’t exactly the same as they were in the past. Technology has advanced the way news organizations get news, publish news, and even the way people interact with the news.

The Digital News Gathering class offered in the San Francisco State University Journalism department provides the tools, skills, and knowledge that  up-and-coming journalists need to survive in the ever changing field.

One of the most important things I learned while enrolled in the course is how to use twitter effectively. Using hashtags and mentions allow for journalists to engage themselves with their readers and consumers. Using hashtags you can find people that are discussing and tweeting about the same news story or particular subject. Using mentions, a journalist is able to ask readers questions and respond to their opinions.

The second most important thing I learned was how to properly shoot and edit a video story. Using a tripod and a series of close, medium, and wide shots I was able to film quality video for a news story on the interesting hobby of BMX riding in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. I also learned where and when to use B-roll in a story to convey action and set the scene in my video.

Third, I learned how to properly edit together an audio piece in the proper way. Using an intro, interview audio, and music, I recorded and edited an audio interview with a professor in a compelling way. Check out the audio story I did with Scott Tucker, a Photojournalism professor at San Francisco State University. I am proud of this audio story because it conveys an interesting story in well edited way.

Digital News Gathering will teach contemporary journalists how to properly utilize technology and social media in an engaging and quality way.


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