Evolution of Journalism

Sweating this Final

The journey through digital news gathering has certainly been and interesting one this semester. I was very fortunate to take this class concurrently with reporting, which required me to have a blog as a part of the course. The two courses complemented each other very nicely because I was able to apply the knowledge gathered in Digital News Gathering and apply it to my blog for reporting. The skills I feel were the most useful and I improved the most on for this course include but are not limited to video shooting and editing, audio editing and the use of social media as a tool for news gathering and to tell a story.

The most challenging skill for me to learn and use this semester was twitter as a means of news. I resisted twitter for years until I was forced to create an account as the part of this course. I hated twitter simply because I didn’t understand it and refused to learn, despite being Online Editor for my Community College paper the Las Positas Express. Now hash tags are apart of my tweets and I attempt to tweet a couple times a day, although that has fallen off during finals preparation. I have also learned to link my wordpress blog to my twitter and Facebook as a means to try and increase views of my content.

I had previous experience with editing audio and video from previous projects, but until this class I was completely self taught. I could throw together what was needed but some of my cuts were rough and needed better transitions. Now I have been able too build on the basic skills that I had developed before this class. The work that I am most proud of this semester was the hobby video that was assigned. I feel as though I was finally able to combine all the skills I have learned through out my journalism education including composition and sequence shooting to create a well rounded video, despite being so sick I could barely breath.

Internet solutions to health problems

The below chart show the percentages of adults that use the internet to gather a variety of information on health related issues and conditions. The findings are based on a national telephone survey conducted in August and September 2010 among 3,001 adults in the U.S. Many people have begun searching for information on symptoms and diseases and possible treatments via the Internet.

It’s very interesting to see how the internet has completely revolutionized everything that we do and how we gather information. It almost seems as though we look to other to validate our own medical experiences.The story I would want to look into for this data would be how the drug and insurance companies influence the content many people receive as a part of their medical inquires. If I was assigned a story on this subject I would interview those who frequent these sites, a patient with a chronic condition or difficult to diagnose condition who was able to find support or help for their condition online. I would also interview doctors as to how it has changed their practice. An audio clip of someone who was able to finally find the help or support they needed via the internet would be fascinating.

Student journalists discuss royal wedding coverage

What did you think of the media coverage of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton?

Interviews in order of their recording:
Kelly Goff, senior
Chris Haire, graduating senior
Caitlin Olson, senior
Meghan Dubitsky, graduating senior
Kelsey Avers, graduating senior
Eric Green, graduating senior
Ryan Smith, graduating senior

Royal Wedding

A woman awaits the royal wedding precession. Photo by aurélien.


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