J226 Final -Favorites, Health, Chart, Audio and the Royal Wedding!

This is me, in class.  We were assigned to take a photo via photobooth then put in a caption, so here’s me, making a face at my screen, working on my final.

J226 Final:

Part I -Short Answer

I went into this class knowing nothing about the ways in which journalists could use social networking or even the Internet for that matter for news. At first I fought the idea of using internet and social networking for news media, but after awhile, this class got me to open my mind to the idea that social networking can be used for more than Facebook friends.

There are a number of things I learned in this class, but three stick out to me more than most. The first is Twitter. Twitter as an entity always confused me, I thought it was pointless and really, a sort of mental masturbation in 140 characters. (Sorry Staci) But after this class, I am now eating crow. This class taught me how to use Twitter to not only promote stories but to find sources. When I went into this class, I was a Twitter virgin, I had never used the site before and scoffed at it. But now, I love Twitter. Twitter can be a valuable resource to journalists because of how easy it makes story promotion. And with story promotion comes readership and feedback. I’m now grateful (and eating my words) as a journalist for Twitter.

The next important thing I learned is how important media projects are to online news audiences. I never thought that audio shows or videos would be so important to any sort of news outlets, but now I have seen the light. News stories can be told in a much more interesting and innovative way through media and through video. By putting together video and audio stories, I have now learned the importance and significance these things have to online news.

The third big thing I learned in this class is how great Google is for everything internet related. Before this course, I used gmail and that was about it. Now through Googledocs I can use spreadsheets, make slides, share things online. I never realized how important Google is for the internet and sharing media online

My Favorite Piece:

My favorite thing I worked on this semester is the audio interview I did with SFSU journalism professor John Burks. I got the chance to sit down with Burks and interview him about his interview with Jim Jones before the infamous Jonestown Massacre. This is my favorite piece because it was not only the most interesting interview I have done in my entire college career, I put more time into this assignment than anything else in this class. Here is the final product:


Health and Charts:

This chart was made from the findings of the Pew Internet and Research Center in their 2011 report on the Social LIfe of Health Information This information is interesting to me because I thought that more adults would go to the internet to seek information and testimonials regarding medical drugs or treatments. I’m a little surprised that more adults either trust the words of their doctor or just don’t look online for information.

If I were assigned a story based on this information that I graphed I would want to write a story on how or if adults trust their medical care providers and doctors. There are many ways to go about this getting information for this story, but one way I would like to do that is by interviewing a random sample of people with similar medical concerns and how of if they trust their doctors enough to not go online and seek outside guidance. I would incorporate charts based on the results of polling in my story.

The Royal Wedding:

A still image of Kate Middleton and Prince William from news coverage of the Royal Wedding.  This photo was taken from BBC television coverage on the day of the Royal Wedding in 2011. Photo From Flickr user: It’s a foot!

Journalism Students at San Francisco State University are asked about their opinions regarding the coverage of the Royal Wedding. The students interviewed are Chris Haire, graduating senior, Caitlin Olson, senior, Meghan Dubitsky, graduating senior, Eric Green, graduating senior and Kelsey Avers, graduating senior.


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