SoundSlides, Foursquare and Facebook: Oh My…

Me After Finals Week

Introspective on J226 and Its Impact in My Life

To be honest, this semester has largely been one of repetition. Mastering social networking or content management skills that I have long since acquired, was something of a trial in frustration. Although I can most assuredly see the importance of building ones abilities to further enhance the media production experience for a viewer/reader, I don’t quite believe that it is absolutely necessary in order to create meaningful and sustained stories. If you create a work that is comprehensive, cohesive, well thought out and researched, it is difficult for me to buy that the only valuation it might achieve is how many “hits” it receives.

I will say this; however, that I did learn quite a bit about the Mac OS and the programs included in iLife softwares. Having an opportunity to work with Garage Band and iMovie were eye opening, and I was pleased at their user friendly interfaces. SoundSlides? You can kiss my #*$. I spent a good 10 hours working with this one software in particular this semester, and it was entirely frustrating. Needless to say, I feel myself gravitating far more towards simple gallery shows, without all the bells and whistles that SoundSlides offers.

Oh, and lets not forget about FourSquare. I learned that if there is a pointless activity on the net, for people to partake in, and suck valuable time from their day, this is it. FourSquare’s value to our societal structure is near nil and this trepid explorer would be willing to bet that it has gone far into the negative. I don’t care that you’re the Mayor of the 4th floor bathroom in the Creative Arts building, nor do I care that you just checked into yet another Starbucks. Please, for the sake of all our sanities, don’t tell me where you are, every minute, of every day. Because in all honesty, on a good day, maybe 2 people see that you’re at a specific location, and neither of them do anything about it. (Unless it is to verify that you’re not at home, and steal your stuff.)

If anything, this semester was an opportunity to view the necessity and value that our current society places on social media and to seek out a new form of “information distribution” that adheres and respects the work, while giving the reader/viewer time to enjoy their own day apart from it.

Work I’m Most Proud Of

The following three stories are those that I am most proud of. I did quite a bit of extensive research on the one regarding Algae Blooms in the Bay Area, and feel that it has a direct impact with current news and may be of vital importance to those worried about San Francisco and surrounding area environmental issues. My video with Rachyl Underwood was my first interview done with my new D7000 camera and edited in iMovie. I feel that I did a complete and thorough job with the project, and that as a whole, it is comprehensive in its message. Per the Top 10 list assignment at the very bottom, I love the blurbs about the different places, as well as the visual impact of a photo Top 10. It really takes you to the places I speak about.

Harmful Algae Blooms May Be Headed Towards San Francisco

Rachyl Underwood – Vocal Jazz Major at SFSU Speaks on Her Experiences

Top 10 Bay Area Views for Romantics and Photogs

The Social Life of Health Information – Breakdown by Behaviors and Percentages

I’m frankly surprised that so many adults utilize social networking tools to track their weight loss, or diet and exercise regimens. I didn’t think that it would have been so high, considering that many adults require assistance to check their emails, and we find ourselves with a larger percentage of older individuals in the population.

Data Breakdown per report entitled "The Social Life of Health Information, 2011"

Would my editor have assigned me this story, I would begin by interviewing social media users. I would find people from other demographics, and compare them by age group. It would be interesting to interview someone in the 60+ age group to show that social media holds value for more than just young adults. This could be a great video story, with on camera interviews, voice over for background, and video taken of someone using a social media site.

What SFSU Students Think About the Royal Wedding and Its Media Coverage

Royal Wedding - 2011

Photograph of the flag handed out for revelers and supporters of the Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011. Photo by:

Students were asked, “What did you think of the media coverage of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton?”

Interviewees in order of appearance: Kelly Goff, senior; Caitlin Olson, senior; Thomas Garcia, senior; Meghan Dubitsky, senior; Sara Donchey, senior.


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