The Journalism Evolution


I am not computer savvy. I am a journalism major, not a computer science major. I have come to terms with this. Except after taking digital news gathering, I realized being computer savvy is necessary in today’s world. While I am one of those people who likes to pretend I was born decades ago, still using typewriters and listening to records, I know the world of journalism is evolving. Thus, I too must evolve. However, this does not mean I have to stop completely acting like an 80-year-old woman. Thanks to this class I am now wise beyond my years.

Movie editing has probably been the most helpful skill I have mastered in this class. I just recently purchased a digital SLR that captures both still images and video. Until this class, all my videos were just piling up in my computer. But now I can actually string together a cohesive story. I learned the importance of not only editing properly, but filming properly. I learned how to ensure the subject was properly lit and that I filmed the three necessary shots: close, medium and far. Also, I learned never to follow my subject and to keep the camera as still as possible.

Thanks to this class I also have a newfound love for spoken news. I have always been a fan of NPR and other radio news shows, but I never imaged doing anything similar myself. While I still hate the sound of my own voice, I am slowly starting to embrace it. Editing sound into one organized story was incredibly fun, but also more challenging than I anticipated. I had never used Garage Band before, so I was very excited to finally learn how to edit sound clips and upload them. If you would like to listen to my favorite digital news gathering assignment, check out my sound clip “Thoughts on earthquakes.” The man on the street assignment was my favorite because it didn’t focus on just one person’s perspective. I really enjoyed walking around campus and talking to random people. It was especially interesting because that very morning Japan was hit with yet another earthquake.

Last but not least, this class helped me embrace Twitter as a news source. While I’ll admit I was one of those bitter Twitter haters, I now am the proud follower of nearly 100 people/organizations. Twitter really is a neat way to keep up with the news. I love how you can follow not only your favorite news organizations but your favorite individual journalists too. I am now a co-tweet master.

The Impact of Social Networking on Health

In today’s world, social networking is the new telephone conversation. People use social networking sites to keep in touch with friends who live both near and far. People post about the errands they have to run, their moods and even the status of their health. Could social network sites be the new hospital?

According to Pew Internet research conducted in August and September 2010:

Of those who use social network sites (62% of adult internet users, or 46% of all adults):

 23% of social network site users, or 11% of adults, have followed their friends’ personal health experiences or updates on the site.

 17% of social network site users, or 8% of adults, have used social networking sites to remember or memorialize other people who suffered from a certain health condition.

 15% of social network site users, or 7% of adults, have gotten any health information on the sites.

It’s no secret: doctor visits are rarely fun. Typically the wait is long and the visit is short. Perhaps this is why many people are looking to the Internet instead of their doctors for health advice. Now, people can easily ask their friends or view comments of other health professionals or people who have been through a certain medical condition themselves.

I would like to interview doctors and see if the internet has lowered the number of visits from patients. I also would like to know if they think the information on the internet is reliable, or if it often steers people in the wrong direction.

I would also like to interview adults and see if the internet has changed their perspective on health. Are they more open to share their health problems with others? Why do they go to sites for health information?

Thoughts on the royal wedding 

Royal Wedding Cake

SF State students were asked, “What do you think of the media coverage of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton? (Was it adequate, too little or too much?)” Some thought it was too much, while others thought the coverage was adequate considering the significance of the event. Below are the names of the students in order of appearance.

Kelly Goff, senior

Chris Haire, graduating senior

Caitlin Olson, senior

Thomas Garcia, non-graduating senior

Meghan Dubitsky, graduating senior


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