Three skills I’ve learned for survival in journalism

Taking a final

Juan De Anda getting stressed during journalism 226 final. Photo credit: Juan De Anda

In this class, I’ve learned many skilss that limiting them to only three would probably be very difficult.

Before coming into this class, we could say I was old fashioned in some respects.  I had barely dabbled in realm of multimedia and my knowledge of tools for audio, video, and charts was close to nill. I had come to believe that just being a good writer and decent photographer was all you needed to succed in the journalism business, but oh did Staci prove me wrong. In this class I learned that while mastering the craft of writing, the basic acquirement of using digital tools could enhance my material and make it shine even further.

One skill that I’m extremly proud of is learning how to use Twitter. I was one of those people that wanted to hold out and believe Twitter was just another mess of socail media that quickly pass away like, ahem, MySpace.  But learning how to spread your work and news through the appropriate use of the retweet, hashtag,, made journalism become much more interactive. I’ve been able to get my work read by people in different cities and countries through the use of the retweeting than I ever did through Google and Facebook. I even had the honor of having a retweet of one of my tweets by the president of the Natinal Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Another skill that I love having learnt is audio editing and producing a audio podcast. This leads me to my proudest piece of work of the semester. It was my man on the street asking people what their favorite food was. I loved this podcast because of the fact that I could showcase my foreign langauge abilities and I really felt good that I had the nat sound of the kitchen. Even the professor tweeted this blog post. Overall, I felt that the quality of the audio track had a bit of an NPR feeling because in the editing process, I was able to isolate certain sound clips and I felt it sounded professional. This process also lead to the creation of “Voces Latinas”, a Spanish-language progam I intend to carry on.

The last and final skill that I learned was video editing. Although I had the toughest time learning all the little tricks and tools of iMovie. I love that I was the only person in the class that learned how to add subtitles into the video because I did the interview in Spanish. Tedious work  I must say, but it was a rewarding expierecne because I do plan to do more of this into the future as I venture into the realm of Spanish language journalism.

Doctor Internet

According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project,  of the 74 percent of adult Internet users about 80 percent of them (59 percent of all adult users) use the Internet to look up specific diseases and/or specific treatment. I found this date to be interesting because this proves that many people are now relying on the Internet for information and prefer to go here rather than go to a doctor who would be an expert in one of this specific diseases. This date only goes to show that the Internet is beginning to take a much more important role in our lives than before and I only expect this to become more so as time goes on.  If my editor assigned a story on this report, it would be one where the article examines the ever increasing role of the Internet in our lives. I would interview, medical experts, people who administer or contribute to WebMD, and of course, people who use the Internet for medical information. I would incorportate either a video or audio man on the street and even charts  about the stats.

Royal Wedding Coverage Mayhem 

Newspapers on the morning of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

A newspaper stand in the United Kingdom showing coverage of the royal wedding on the front pages. Photo credit: Ben Sutherland

The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was everywhere and here we have a man on the street style interview to show peoples’ feelings on the media coverage of the event.

Interviews in order of their recording:

Sara Donchey, senior

Kelly Goff, senior

Chris Haire, graduating senior

Caitlin Olson, senior

Meghan Dubitsky, graduating senior


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