Using different Multimedia

J226 Final
Anxiously awaiting the end of this final

Learning to use Twitter, Garageband, IMovie, and WordPress.

Prior to taking this class, I was the most technologically challenged person on the planet. I couldn’t use twitter, I couldn’t fathom ever creating a song on Garageband, and making a video on IMovie never ever crossed my mind. One semester later, I can tweet with the best of them (not so much actually), I created a witty song on Garageband, and I made more than one video. Before taking this class, I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that I would one day actually be able to use the features my Mac provided. I’m not going to see I’ve mastered them; there is still way more for me to learn in terms of using these software. But am I technologically inept moron anymore? Can’t say I am.

Probably the most important thing I will take out of this class, however, is the knowledge that I can in fact run my own blog. As an aspiring journalist, this definitely won’t be the last time I’ll have to run one. Adding links, embedding code, using tags; these are all things that normally would have just stopped me in my traps. Again, one semester later, here I am, writing my final blog post, completely prepared to add links, embed code, and use tags. I’m coming out of this class with the tools I’m going to need to tackle the new age of journalism, where multimedia is the new form of delivering the news. The skill set that we are learning here is going to be the necessary ingredient to finding a job out there.

Of the numerous projects I have worked on this semester, one clearly comes to my mind. It combined two of my biggest passions, drinking and journalism, into one epic song. Having been my first time ever using Garageband, I was very pleased with the results.

Important Health Information

The following chart shows the results of a survey done by the Pew Research Center about the percentage of adults who are able to use internet to learn more about important health information. This is an interesting chart because with the internet being so easy to use and so easily accessible, I would have assumed the percentage of people using it for this would have been higher. Because this only covered adults, a good related story would be to do the same study but for the younger generation. I would interview teens and young adults who I know for sure have access to the internet to see if they utilize the resources given to them. The incorporation of charts would be the same as with the adults. I would just take the percentage of kids who use internet and combine that data with how many actually use it for health information.


Students talking about what they thought about the coverage of the Royal Wedding. Interviews: Kelly Goff, Chris Haire, Caitlin Olson, Meghan Dubitsky, Kelsey Avers, Eric Green.

Royal Wedding Photo
Photo: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You can link to it, but you can’t embed it. Note from Prof Baird.
The Royal Couple waves after getting married.

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