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What are three key ingredients for a good video? Explain the strength of video stories that make them different from text or audio stories. Give an example of a story that would be best told in video.

Three things I mastered in Digital News Gathering this semester.

First of all, I love the word ‘master’ because it implies that the skills I have attained were actually bent to my will and made my slave. I’d say this is pretty accurate.

The first skill I mastered was editing audio. I was completely lost when it came to garage band, but with a little help, I made it there. The technique is a skill to be respected. I learned to be wary of background noise, especially wind because it’s not something you can detect while recording, but on the audio, it can be deafening.

Second, I learned to be brave. For my first man on the street interview, I was a little scared to approach people. I felt self-conscious and wasn’t sure how to go about it. I quickly learned, with a little help, that a fast direct approach is best, and that confidence is tangible. People can taste it in the air around you (or so I suspect).

Third, I relearned how to cut, edit, and polish a video. It is truly an amazing feat to take raw footage and make it look Hollywood-ready. I learned how to edit video on iMovie in high school, but quickly forgot everything. Especially with the software changing every couple of years, I learned it’s important to stay up to date and familiar with new versions.

Lastly, it’s important to have fun.

Enjoy what you’re doing, invest in what you’re producing, have a blast. People can tell when you’re having fun. I can certainly see the difference in my own work when I’m just getting something done to get it over with and when I like what I’m doing. I assume it’s only amplified when others look.

The Royal Wedding
Photo: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You can link to the photo but you cannot embed it. Note from Prof Baird.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ The British Monarchy

The MOS question was, “What do you think of the media coverage of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton? (Was it adequate, too little or too much?)”

The question asked to Kelly Goff (senior), Chris Haire (graduating senior), Caitlin Olson (senior), Thomas Garcia (non-graduating senior), Meghan Dubitsky (graduating senior), Kelsey Avers (graduating senior), Eric Green (graduating senior), and Ryan Smith (graduating senior), was “What do you think of the media coverage of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton? (Was it adequate, too little or too much?)” The following SoundCloud clip has their answers to the question:

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