Charts, Flickr, Garage Band oh my !

Photo 4

This digital newsgathering class has taught me a lot. This semester I’ve concurrently taking this class with Intro to Online Journalism and I have to say they’ve been interchangeable. I honestly don’t think there’s much a difference between the two. Having both of these courses, has helped me reinforce multimedia which has become really important.

What I’ve Learned from J226

Before this semester I’ve had a Twitter account, but I never really knew how to utilize it until now. I didn’t really like Twitter before mainly because I didn’t understand it. All the hashtags along with the “@’s” seemed very overwhelming for me. As the class went on though, I was able to see how good it really is for networking, promoting, and a news which I’m all about it. So learning how to “use” Twitter” was definitely one of the most important things I learned.

The second thing I’d say I learned from digital newsgathering was how to take photos and the importance of positioning. Before this class, I didn’t even know how to even hold a camera properly, much less take a variety of shots. Personally, I think taking photos is more difficult than video even. I don’t know what it is, but it’s something I struggle with the most I’d say. The good news is now I know the basics.

The third element I’ve learned from digital newsgathering is learning iMovie. Beck taught us iMovie in J395, but it was the old edition which had no relevance to me becasuse the computers at school are using the newer editions. Fortunately, we learned how to use the newer edition in J226 so I was able to properly edit the movies I’ve shot.

That brings me to the best work I’ve done this semester, which was my latest video project of an old school skateboarder called “Freestylin with Jeff Renner.” I personally think this was my best work because I put the most time into it. And I had a big sense of accomplishment because I was afraid I wasn’t going to have enough time to properly shoot this video in good light. But I did! It was also the most fun project I did as well.

In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I think it’s essential to journalism curriculum.

Charts R’ Us

This is a chart regarding adult online users who’ve used the Internet to view online videos on health information versus adult Internet users who have used any Internet sites to get any health information. This is based on a results of a telephone survey conducted by Social Life of Health. If I was to do a news story, I’d do a story based on adult Internet users who view online videos on health information versus those who don’t at all. I think it’s an interesting story because it proves how far social media is going. 15 years ago people would’ve used pamphlets and news articles, now they can use the Internet. My sources would be doctors, patients, and healh journalists.

Royal Wedding Nonsense?

Royal Wedding Crowd

This photo was courtesy of garrynight

Photo of the Royal Wedding Crowd


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