Journalism 226: The Final Post

Working On My Final

Working On My Final
Jasmine Beaghler 24, finishes her final for Jour. 226, Wednesday, May 18, 2011, San Francisco, Calif.

Important Lessons from Journalism 226

Before entering the class I had already taken several classes similar to digital news gathering. So, I was wondering if their was anything left to learn? To my surprise, there was!

One of the main things I learned from JOUR 226 was how to better utilize twitter. While I was somewhat familiar with twitter, I never use it and had forgotten the importance of it. Relearning the technical aspect of twitter was not nearly as important as being reminded to use social media to promote myself and network with other people. It really is such an amazing tool for journalists! I also learned about co-tweet which I never new existed prior to enrolling in the class. Knowing how to use social media and actually implementing it my daily routine has proven to be super awesome!

This brings me to next important thing I learned…My blog! Using a blog and continuously updating posts has proven to be the most beneficial aspect inspired by the class. Again, I knew about the technical aspects of how to use a blog but never decided to create until I was reminded in your class how important it is for journalists to blog. I can’t believe I didn’t start one earlier! I use my blog to promote my work as a photographer and as creative outlet . Beside it being a useful business tool it is a ton of fun to mange! I do have a a lot to add to my blog and will be updating it this week! I feel it is my best work all semester because it is able to showcase my best photographs and display the amount of photography I practiced over the last four months.

The last most thing I learned from class was how to conduct audio interview and edit them. I was able to refine my audio skills by building on knowledge that I already had. I was amazed at how much  my audio interviews had improved from last year. I was reminded that practicing really does matter!

Data on Adults Who Use the Internet for Medical Advice

The above chart show the percent of internet using adults who have consulted the internet for medical advice on treatment and drugs.  The information is surprising to me as I would have thought more adults would be interested in knowing if others have experienced side effects from certain drugs and to what degree. I often question what I put into my body, especially pharmaceuticals and think a good follow up story would be,  how knowledgable are people of there prescriptions? I would interview both doctors and patients. Audio would be especially interesting in comparing and contrasting experiences with certain drugs. I would incorporate a chart that should how many adults in the U.S use prescriptions. The data would include the most widely used drugs and if people feel comfortable using prescriptions they know little about.

Thoughts on the Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Street Party 71

Street party celebrating the royal marriage of Prince William to Catherine Middleton, Friday, April 29, 2011,  Chesterfield Road, Portsmouth, UK.

An interview of four  SFSU journalism students gives feedback on thoughts of William and Kate’s Royal wedding.

Names of Interviewees in Order

Sara Donchey, senior

Kelly Goff, senior

Chris Haire, graduating senior

Caitlin Olson, senior

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