My Name is Baba

I returned to the classroom to learn skills that will make me a competent freelance photojournalist. This was after thirty plus years of roving around as a news-reporter in Ghana and Nigeria in West Africa. My objective is to travel and practice my trade and be able to market my products worldwide, using the multi-media outlets provided by the internet and the world wide.

Babatunde Harrison

Photo by Barbara Dimopoulos

I now consider myself a good photographer because I have learnt the basic skills of manipulating a digital camera. I am no longer a “point and shoot” photographer. And that is key to my skills because I was a “point and shoot” photographer before I returned to the classroom.
This semester I have spent some very productive time acquiring and mastering three specific tools and skills that will allow me actually set up myself as an international photojournalist without investing a massive capital outlay in terms of physical cash.
Flickr is a WWW space rental facility where I learn to store my photographs. This is a very important facility and asset because it is a place where I can market my photographs and photo stories and where als I can meet professional colleagues from whom I can learn some tricks of the trade.
I have tearn to Tweet and twitter. As a news-reporter the ability to twitter is a great assett and the fact that there is a “marketplace” where I can snoop around following people who are out there doing “stuff”. Twitter gives me a great opening into places where “things are happening”. Snooping around the Tweeter territory is better that sitting down in a beer palor drinking alcohol and wasting precious money.
Googling is the greatest pastime I developed in digital newsgathering class this semester. This is the WWW library where I do almost all my research for my news writing. I also have developed a personal library where I store my books and access my collection of news papers and magazines. Trust me, I am already in business.
I do not even need an office to operate from because I can do so from my one-bedroom apartment. The question you may want to ask: Where do I store my documents and vital research material. There is a place called “DropBox”, way out in cyberspace where I keep my stuff for very minimal fees. Can you beat that? It does not matter what location I find myself on my travels, I can always access my stuff from DropBox, even from Beijing, China.
I pride myself with the fact that I am a Denizen of Facebook; and that is the ultimate place to belong if your ambition in life is to be the Greatest Photojournalist that every walked the galactic World of the Internet.


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