Pulling it together; social media vs. the untechnical, in a final battle royale

I wonder if there's iMakeup??

I didn’t know there would be a photo op today, no matter, I’ll look like this on the internet if it helps me with this final! LOL.

Walking into J226 this semester i was nervous because I was out of my element. Contrary to general belief, all generation Y’ers are not technologic, and at 23 I could post to facebook and sent a generic tweet to my 8 followers but that was it for me in this new age of technology. I laugh at those days now, I feel much more confident in my ability to take great photos and video with my iPhone, and not just tweeting but retweeting and joining in on conversations, and I found this class to be rather useful to my future.
My favorite thing that I learned this semester was video editing. I will be the first to admit that I love you tube way too much and i’ve always wondered how they did it. some videos look so seamless and I always wanted to know how I could achieve that. I learned to create video, upload it and editing on iMovie and now I feel like with a little more practice that I can start a real page.
Another thing Audio. I was more than intimidated by garage band and other audio equipment, but after focusing my energy and just saying to myself “F it, I’m going to do this,” forced me to tackle it and now the tasks aren’t such a great feat.
Lastly, and most importantly this course has taught me how to become a public figure and how to sell myself. Social media brings you to the world, and learning these things will ease that transition because in this day and age its necessary.

Although this was a course in school, it can take me far if II keep applying myself, and show the world my thunder.

Check out some of my best work here

Now let’s talk weddings!
This year there was no wedding that could top The Royal Wedding, where Prince William pronounced his love for Kate Middleton, a commoner this is a true Cinderella story, you know, minus the bratty step sisters and the talking animals, And with all the media attention, this wedding gave all little girls everywhere the dream that they too could marry a Prince and live happily ever after.

Photo: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You can link to the image but you cannot embed it. Note from Prof Baird.
(Good caption writing should include the who, what when, where, and if you can fit the why in there do that too. Captions should be easy to read and engaging, and it never hurts to keep it SEO friendly.) Prince William, son of the humanitarian Princess Diana, married Kate Middleton, a commoner, April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London.
SF state students give their two cents on the coverage. How do you feel over done, are right on?

Medical Mobile
85% of adults own a cell phone. I the internet wasn’t major enough having mobile web is just as huge because now information is truly at your finger tips. Let’s say that you’ve been coughing for the past week and today you spit up orange sputum, what do you do? should you rush to the doctor? is it blood? or is it just coloring of the Skittles you downed at lunch? Well now you can just search for reasons, instead of rushing to hound a doctor and have to pay that over the top co-pay.
the figures listed are figures of the percentage of people who have cell phones (by race) and the number of people who search for health info via cell phone (also by race). Because there is a divide amongst race and technology I was hoping to find the disparities in these numbers. Whatcha think?

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