Finally done with this SF State Final

Digital News Gathering Final

Photo via Flickr by user elissaTTT

On May 18, 2011, Elissa Torres, 19, is completely stressed out due to finals week as seen in the bags under her eyes. She tries to keep a smile on my face knowing there’s only one day left until summer.

Things I Learned in J226

In this course I have learned a variety of skills dealing with social media and technology.

I am an avid Facebook user and I am now an avid Twitter, Flickr, Sound Cloud, Garage Band and iMovie user. I have learned so much this last semester its insane. The embedding and encoding the downloading and sharing has overwhelmed me most of the time. I can happily say that this was a crash course in everything to do with media and journalism and I have learned so much.

We’ve been hearing that journalism is a hard profession to go in and the idea that newspapers are slowly dying is a scary concept. I have learned that social media needs to be used and understood now more than ever.

By using Facebook and Twitter I have learned that journalism can be more like a conversation rather than someone just telling you what’s going on in the world. Comment boxes and likes have helped the journalist connect with their audience by responding to the feedback they are given. I have learned that having a catchy and sassy headline is the best way to get great SEO.

When shooting movies its always good to have extra b-roll in case you need it. Wide, medium and close shots are the bread and butter for a amazing video. But don’t forget to check where the light is and how the sound is in the location you are. iMovie is a very interesting program, I have learned how to cut movies and place audio over them if need be. Creating a dissolve affect between each shot is needed to create a great flow. I think that shooting and editing movies was the most challenging part of this course. I think I did my best to conquer the scary Mac’s iMovie. The movies we did in this class are the best work that I think I have done this whole semester.

My favorite video was about the commute to school. I showed the various way to get to school. I think the angles and the filters were the best I’ve done.

Adult Social Networking

In a telephone survey conducted by the Social Life of Health in August and September 2010, 3,001 adults were asked about their use of social media.

I found this information interesting because as we all know, our world is moving into the digital age but I was unaware of how many adults use social networking sites. Out of the 62 percent users, 42 percent are adults. Of all the things to be using social networking for I was surprised that not a lot of them are using the sites for health related information. Honestly, most adults I know do not use social networking sites or do not use it as often as they would like to because they do not understand.

I would think that adults would use the internet and social networking sites to gather information, especially on health but it does not seem that that’s what they’re doing.

If I were to do a story along with the chart I would interview adults about their use of social networking. The focus would be on adults. My target demographic would probably be age 40 and above. I would identify if there is a specific age group that uses social media and the age group that does not. I would use a chart to break down the ages of adults.

The Royal Wedding Coverage

Royal Wedding of William and Catherine Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

Photo via Flickr by Defense Images

The Royal Couple, Kate Middleton and Price William, sit happily in a carrage after the ceremony has commenced on April 29, 2011.
For the final we had to cut audio together using Garage Band. The SF State students who were interviewed by Prof. Staci Baird were asked, “What do you think of the media coverage of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton? (Was it adequate, too little or too much?)”

The students who were interviewed worked on [X]Press, the student run publication at SF State. Seniors Kelly Golf, Eric Smith, Chris Haire, Kelsey Avers and Caitlin Olson.

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