All the things I have learned from digital news gathering

Lissette taking the Journalism 226 final

SFSU student attempting to finish her final exam
This is a picture of myself struggling to finish the journalism final. Photo Credit: Lissette Alvarez/Flickr: Lissette Alvarez

Lessons from Digital News Gathering

One of the skills I’ve mastered in Journalism 226 was using Google for charts and maps. Before attending this class I thought Google was just another search engine, I had no idea Google was that versatile. After learning how to use Google docs I’m now able to use Excel to make charts and infographs. I had also applied Google to my reporting class by making a crime map to go along with one of my articles.

Another method I learned from the class was applying social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to journalism. I was never a huge fan of social network, in fact most of the time I would find myself checking or sending messages. After promoting dozens of stories through Twitter and Facebook and getting responses from other people, I realized there so much more to social networking sites then we realized. I think a couple years from now I would probably end up promoting my own articles through Twitter and Facebook.

Audio editing was another skills I mastered using Garage Band. Out of all the topics we had learned in this class, audio was one of my favorites. At first I thought audio editing was going to be difficult because I didn’t have enough experience using some of the Mac applications. As it turns out Garage Band is probably one of the easiest applications on a Mac.

However, one of the pieces I’m most proud was the final video, Steven’s love for video games, project because it was the most difficult project I had to work on. I enjoyed working on the video since I was able to apply both audio and visual into one story. The video project also gave me a chance to experiment with different angles and sequences using my digital camera.

A large number of adults using search engines to find information on health information

I thought the data I gathered from “The Social life of Health information” was interesting because it seems that a lot of adults prefer to search for information about health rather then going through blogs or commentary and online video. Another thing I found interesting about the data was the fact that not too many adults use social networking sites to find more information on health.

If my editor were to assign me a story based on the report it would probably be something simple as “The Top 5 ways of Finding Health Information”. I would definitely incorporate a chart in the story by collecting data from professionals such as doctors.

SFSU Students commenting on the Royal Wedding

The following audio clip includes several commentaries from San Francisco State students about the royal wedding and how the felt the media coverage. A couple of the students felt the media coverage on the royal wedding completely over blown, while others thought it was exciting. The audio interviews was conducted by Staci and Baird, which I edited using Garage Band.

The students included in the audio recording:
Kelly Goff, senior
Chris Haire, graduating senior
Caitlin Olson, senior
Thomas Garcia, non-graduating senior
Meghan Dubitsky, graduating senior
Kelsey Avers, graduating senior
Eric Green, graduating senior
Ryan Smith, graduating senior

Royal Wedding of William & Kate 182
Photo of Kate and Price William’s royal wedding. Photo Credit: Jens Rost/Flickr: Jens Rost

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