The future of jounalsim. J226 teaches you the skills.

It is a photo of Hang Cheng

The lesson I have learned in J226 are journalism has change its method to publish contents, how to utilize internet and social network to gain audience to stories, and a easier way to edit video than using final cut.

In the beginning of the semester, the introductions of twitter and facebook posting have allowed me to see how and why does today’s media use social network. Because more news are becoming breaking news and audience demand faster information, the medias are hugely rely on the internet to publish fresh contents and updates. Sometime, I feel overwhelmed by the amont of tweeter feeds and facebook postings that were published by the new media. And almost every news media has a websites, a twitter account, a blog, and a facebook account because that is where the audience are. Moreover, the audience are more diverse. And for news media, it has become easier for them to target specific audience to the type of content that they are publishing. They could manipulate headlines by inserting frequently searched keywords, and they could learn the new trend in the social media, so they can adjust their content.

My impression of the software, final cut, is professional and tedious. But through my learning process in J226, I have learn that IMovie is just as professional and creative as final cut. The editing process is easy as select and drag, insert and add. Moreover, and most importantly, it does not require rendering every bit of footage, which makes it very sufficient and less annoying. And it is cheaper than Final cut.
There are so few people who utilize the internet for their health reason. There are so many services on the internet that could help a individual to improve their health such as tracking weight and read review of a doctor.

The story would why people are not using the helpful services on the internet, and would people who use the services might be healthier than those who are not using the service.

The unique hubby video would be the one I am proud of because I went back three times to interview and record the footage that i feel satisfy.

Photo taken by Nathan, aka n8kowald on flickr. The TV showing royal wedding at Old Spitalfields Market in Landon, UK.

The royal wedding was weeks ago, and it had received tremendous media coverage. And the audio below is some of the SFSU student’s opinion on the coverage.
The question was, “What do you think of the media coverage of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton? (Was it adequate, too little or too much?)”
The students: Chris Haire, graduating senior, Caitlin Olson, senior, Thomas Garcia, non-graduating senior, Kelsey Avers, graduating senior, and Meghan Dubitsky, graduating senior.


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