The Internet-so much to learn in so little time

There was a time when it was possible to reach the end of the Internet, but who remembers that right? (Ha! Kidding!) However the more it has expanded, the more out of touch I became with how to use the Internet as a tool. I could use it for its very basic of purposes, to check emails, update Facebook and to spend countless amounts of time surfing the web. So the idea of taking this class made me a little intimidated and also excited about the things I’d learn to do.

I learned how to edit audio interviews through Garage Band, as well as Audacity. Both programs I was totally unfamiliar with before taking the class, however will greatly help me with future interviews as well as other audio tracks I decide to record or need editing.

I also learned how to shoot video as well as how to edit it with iMovie. This opportunity was completely new to me seeing as before this class, both the video camera and iMovie were not things I had access to.

The class has shown me how to use media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and WordPress as tools to share news and promote my work as well as share others work. I also gave in to Twitter. Figuring out how to use CoTweet, was helpful and I learned how to network and share projects that I’m working on as well as use it to share news with others. I learned how to shorten links and as an outlet to get news when following accounts of newspapers like the New York Times and The Economist.

Using the programs that I learned how to use this semester, I’ve done a lot of work that I am proud of, including an audio interview with Communications Professor Bill Bray, an interview with Joel Goulet, a saw player and doing Man on the Street interviews where I got to talk to students on what their favorite songs are.


This is interesting information because it appears that people are looking to the internet for medical advice instead of seeking out information from an actual health care professional. For a story, I would want to know why people are immediately looking at the internet for medical information? Why aren’t people just going to doctors? I would ask around to look for people who search for medical information on the internet. What motivates people to find this information online?

Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Message

An image of crowds gathered for the royal wedding. (Photo Credit: Garry Knight)

Five students at San Francisco State University were asked what they thought of the Royal Wedding. Here are their answers.

Interviewed: Kelly Goff, Chris Haire, Caitlin Olson, Thomas Garcia and Kelsey Avers

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