The things I have learned from Digital news gathering and it’s impact on my career

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This is me when i take finals.

In Digital news gathering I learned a lot about technology, journalism and the world. Coming into the class I knew some things and was completely oblivious to others. One thing that i learned that is probably one of the most important for me to know in this field is how to blog and maintain a blog. WordPress is an interesting and useful way for one to express themself and spread news and information to other people. Blogging is emerging as a primary way to report news and is an essential for aspiring journalists. I, being a photojournalist can use this ability quite a bit. blogging could be the foundation of my field. Another thing I learned in this class was how to edit video. I never before knew how to edit video and had never used software like imovie. It was interesting to see all the different things one can do with raw video. Doing things like separating the audio from the video and adding text to a video were completely foreign to me before this class. I now know the skills to make a full length news feature using imovie and how to effectively use a video camera to make a overall good composition. The last thing I learned that was very useful is how to operate a Mac. I have always used a PC for as long as I can remember and was completey clueless as to how to navigate a Mac. After taking this class I now know how to use finder, how to upload video and audio files and how to convert video and audio files to formats that are compadible with things like garageband and imovie.  One of my favorite works I posted on this blog was the top ten hardcore punk bands. I liked this post because it was something that I was truly interested in and had a lot of fun writing. In my opinion and probably in everybody elses as well, is that when you do something that you are interested in and have fun doing, it with come out good. Another reason I liked it is because I got some positive feedback on it from other students.

The Internet and how we can learn from it by networking information

This chart represents the amount of adults that use the internet to share information about health. it is of the 74% of adults who use the internet. This information is from the article, The Social Life of Health Information, 2011. The article is about hoe in this age people use the internet to exchange information and learn about health issues. I chose this set of information because i found it interesting how adults use this relatively new way of spreading information. If my editor assigned me to a story related to this report, it , would most likely be about American healthcare and how people gain knowledge about it. I would interview adults of all difernt social standings and ages. I would incorporate this chart, a map of where most adults use the internet, audio of adults speaking about healthcare and their own health knowledge and video of adults navigating the internet and social networking sites to atain health information.

SFSU students thoughts on the royal wedding coverage

Students at SF State were asked, “What did you think of the media coverage of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton?” they all seemed to have similar answers, it was bit overdone. The students interviewed in oder were, Kelly Goff, senior; Chris Haire, graduating senior; Caitlin Olson, senior; Thomas Garcia, non-graduating senior; and Kelsey Avers, graduating senior.

Royal Wedding of William & Kate 280

Photo credit:it's a foot! on Prince William and Kate Middleton pose at their world famous and iconic wedding

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