Honestly Dog-Tired.

We all get tired. It’s been proven that a person will die of exhaustion before they ever die from lack of food.

So this is a tribute to all the hard work we students do. This effort deserves to be acknowledged because without all these tough times, my comrades would not be nearly as awesome as they are.

Cheers to being miserably tired and frustrated…

and partying hard anyway.

2011-03-29_15-38-48_486Monica Keyser is studying to become a physical therapist at San Jose State. She commutes back and forth almost daily from Castro Valley and she works harder than almost anyone I know.

2011-04-01_07-47-36_566My brother Jacob Carmack is a 9th grader. He is currently taking all the honors classes including Algebra II Trig, honors biology, and a strenuous German language class. He manages to keep his head above water while suffering from debilitating ADHD and keeping up an active procrastination lifestyle with his Gameboy. Kudos, brother dear.

2011-03-30_18-28-24_581This girl epitomizes the mood I see on BART every day when I’m coming home from school. Everyone has their demons, so many just stare into space or lose themselves in their phones or iPods. I have a lot of respect for people who stay above the urge to distract themselves  and just submit to the banality of public transit.

George KaiserMeet George Kaiser. When he’s tired, and he starts to yawn and circle around to make a comfortable space to sleep, he could end civil wars, convince the most volatile countries to destroy their weapons of mass destruction, and bring a tear to Fidel Castro’s eye. He is the cutest being alive.

Nathan AceboNathan Acebo is an anthropology major at Pomona University in Southern California. He took 19 units last semester and lived most of his time right here in his dorm room. He goes through a panic stage every so often, believing that he will fail all of his tests and not be able to pass his classes, but he has maintained all A’s since his academic career began. He is truly an academic champion.

Ruby PerezRuby Perez manages an internship, school, and a crazy fun lifestyle. This was taken on MUNI after a full day of school, an evening of shenanigans, and an out door slam poetry event. Ruby Perez is master of her fate.

Gabriela Moshonov and Michael ParkerMichael Parker attends UC Berkeley and is majoring in Biology.. or something ridiculous like that. He is also active in Theater for Charity and an infamous fraternity I’m only familiar with as “Zate.” He is an amazing human being, even when he passes out after a long day on his girlfriend Gabriela Moshonov.


Rachel Kaiser (mother of George, pictured above.. yes mother. I’m still a confused, but I’ve learned not to question it) often dresses oddly. She works full time at a diner in Castro Valley. She had to drop some of her classes because of financial difficulties, but she works her tail off supporting herself and her little dog, George. She always has a dollar to spare for a friend in need and she is one of the kindest people I know. This picture was taken after a raucous night of celebration.. which is the best kind of tired.


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