Old Happens – A One Man Comedy by David Glover

David Glover on stage in Old Happens. Photo by Babatunde Harrison

David Glover describes himself as a “baby boomer” – the class and generation of that breed of humans who were born after the Second World War. He has written a few comic one-man plays laced with humor and laughter. His audience is for the general public  but particularly  focused on older people. “Old Happens” is the latest of David’s plays.

David did not start off in life as a humorist. Like most ‘baby boomers’ David became afflicted with old age “syndrome” when he turned late forties getting to fifties. The old age  syndrome is a non fatal disease that afflicts most humans to a point where they start losing confidence in their manhood or womanhood and the exuberance of their youth. The syndrome leads to depression and other troublesome psychological mindset.

David travelled the old age syndrome route but was lucky. He had good and creative friends who sponsored and brought him out of the syndrome and taught him how to engage his energies into creative pursuits. The result is what led into his present past time – entertaining people
by making jest of old age syndrome. Old age, says David, is just a phase of life and we all go through it; so why not make the best out of it. I watched David perform “Old Happens” and recorded an amateur video of the show you are about to watch. Watch “Old Happens”


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