Al Scott EPA Chart

This map reflects the toxins and pollutants that are currently the top three cancer risks in my area. This information as based on results of an EPA website. I have no clue what any of these toxins are. Frankly, I have a tough enough time trying to pronounce them. Hopefully someone out there knows how to regulate all of those pollutants. As far as the map, the map is pretty straightforward which helps. I will say that using Google docs is much more user friendly than Excel spreadsheets. This is my first time using Google docs to do a chart and it was very simple.

I think charts are important because they make it much more concise and visibly friendly to contain information, especially statistics. Personally, I don’t use graphs that much, but I can definitely see how they help.

Adult Use of Social Media Chart

Social media has changed the way we conduct our daily lives, and according to new information, even the way we treat our health problems.

According to the Pew Research Center’s study on the Social Life of Health information, a lot of things are changing.

“The internet has changed people’s relationships with information. Our data consistently show that
doctors, nurses, and other health professionals continue to be the first choice for most people with
health concerns, but online resources, including advice from peers, are a significant source of health
information in the U.S. ”

Grampa may be using Facebook to look into his health problems any day now.

More information on this topic can be found here.

Social media is becoming prevalent in every day life, and it would not be surprising to be assigned a story that asks about how the older people are starting to use  this new tool. Any kind of technological query could jump start a story on this topic. I could interview professors of social media and get their take on the phenomenon, I could ask anyone on the street how they use social media and if their parents are involved. This could lead me to talk to parents of social media-savvy individuals. In my research I could incorporate a lot of data sets including the rise of social media (how many people have been using various forms over time), how social media changes our every day lives and quantify that data under what it’s used for and how many adults on average utilize social media to do it. While I’m talking to people I could record interviews or tape them. There are countless ways to incorporate media in journalism.