Golden Gate Park Segway Tours

I stumbled across the increasingly common phenomenon of segway tours while taking pictures in Golden Gate Park on May 19. Those brave enough to take the tour must undergo a quick tutorial before setting out, but segways are incredibly easy to operate. They’re also allowed on more trails than bicycles, which might help explain their popularity. The Electric Tour Company offers the tours from behind the Music Concourse’s band shell.

Healthy Eating Extra Credit

Jonathon Chen loves to eat healthy. On May 17th I saw first hand what kind of healthy foods he likes to eat, and got a chance to sit down with him and ask him why he does it. “I have more energy and feel better,” Jon told me while making an avocado sandwich. He only eats about 5 things consistently but he says he would rather be eating a few healthy things then a variety of junk food. “It still tastes good even though I eat the same things all the time,” Jon said. “But ONCE in a while I’ll slip up and eat something out of the ordinary.”

Golden Gate Park Bike Jumps with John Benett

Beneath the shadows of giant trees in Golden Gate Park resides dirt bike jumps. Jumps that have been dug out for years by mountain and BMX bikers. They have been passing on the shovel over generations and working on perfecting this small patch of Golden Gate Park into dirt bike jumps, offering riders an escape from the hustle and bustle of the San Francisco streets.

I recently interviewed John Benett, a BMX rider that spends much of his free time riding the dirt jumps in Golden Gate Park with friends, offering me insight on BMX riding and the sunken bike jump oasis off of Fulton street. Background music by Shlohmo.