By the end of this course you will be able to gather, produce, publish and promote digital news stories using images, charts, maps, audio and video.


You will learn how to use a variety of applications including tools for managing social media, organizing and presenting data, editing images, audio and video. This includes (but is not limited to): Twitter, Facebook, CoTweet, Flickr, YouTube, Google Reader, Google Docs, Garage Band, and iMovie.

Download a complete course syllabus

The course schedule is subject to change. Please be sure to check the Assignments on a weekly basis.

Week 1 The future of digital journalism: 10 Technologies that exist now

Week 2 Intro to digital News Gathering tools and techniques

Week 3  Community engagement/Social media

Week 4  Research, search – Library Annex I

Week 5 Spreadsheets and data

Week 6 Charts and maps

Week 7 Capturing photos (smartphones)

Week 8 Audio interviews

Week 9 Audio interviews 


Week 11 Video interviews

Week 12 Video interviews

Week 13 Editing audio

Week 14 Editing video

Week 15 Work on final projects

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